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Two factors to consider when buying a foldable electric bicycle

Below are two important factors that you should take into consideration when buying a foldable electric bike.

How easily you can hold and carry it

When viewing different types of folding electric bikes, you should always check their weight so that you can determine whether or not you'll find them easy to carry. Whilst this might not be applicable if you are, for example, a weightlifter and have very strong arms, it is something that you should consider if your strength levels are average or quite low.

Depending on where you use your bike, you may need to carry it for long periods in certain situations. For example, if when travelling to cycling events, you need to take your bike with you on the train or bus, you may need to fold it up and carry it when walking up and down the train or bus station's steps. If the bike you've chosen is heavy and you have weak arms, you might find this hard. This might then deter you from using the bike as often as you had planned to.

The weight of folding electric bikes is influenced by many things, including their batteries and motors; generally speaking, bike models with more powerful versions of these components will be a bit heavier than those with less powerful ones. As such, if you don't necessarily need an electric bike that can be driven at high speed across long distances but you want to ensure that you have no difficulty carrying it around after folding it up, then it might be sensible to look for a lightweight bike with a small-sized battery and motor.

How quickly the bike can be folded and unfolded

The other factor you should think about is how quickly the bike you're thinking about getting can be folded and unfolded. Whilst some models only have two or three levers and pins you need to push or pull, others have several additional components that you need to tweak in order to carry out these actions. It's worth taking this into consideration as you may find yourself in situations where it could be useful to be able to rapidly perform one of these actions.

For example, if you are perpetually late for everything, then being able to unfold your electric bike in seconds would ensure that, when you're running late for a cycling event and are trying to rush out the door, you won't be further delayed by the process of setting up your electric bike. Likewise, if you plan to travel to social events on your bike after partaking in cycling sessions, it would be handy to be able to fold your bike up in seconds, rather than minutes so that you don't keep your friends waiting for you after you arrive.