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Exploring doc! one of the best Photography magazines on the net. In this article we embedded the magazine reader so you can flip though it and enjoy high quality photography.

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Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Graphic Designing Tips

Submitted by on March 26, 2013 – 12:00 pmNo Comment

Environmental considerations should always feature prominently, in the graphic designing plans that you wish to implement. In what follows, we take a look at a few tips via which graphic designs can be done in an eco-friendly manner.

If you are the owner of a printing services company, you can easily pursue an eco-friendly mode of conducting business. In such cases, you need to first chalk out a plan for ‘green’ graphic designing. Given below are a few tips regarding how you can take care of the environment, while making graphic designs:

  • Use recycled paper – Research on the web and find out where you can find usable stocks of recycled paper. The percentage of recycled content in the paper should be on the higher side.
  • Do not waste electricity – Graphic designing and printing services require uninterrupted supply of electricity – but that does not mean that the printers should be kept running all through the day. Shut down the printer(s), whenever they are not in use.
  • Downsize the papers – Find out whether paper of smaller sizes can be used for graphic designing, so that the overall consumption of paper remains low. Using A5-sized paper, instead of the A4 variety, is a fine example in this regard.
  • Use recyclable ink cartridges – The ink that is used for graphic printing should also have recyclable properties. Purchase such cartridges, which can be refilled easily – whenever the ink in them gets exhausted.
  • Use ink of low VOC content – The traditional varieties of ink that are used for graphic printing services generally have relatively high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These compounds are toxic, and the chemicals in them cause damage to the environment, over the long run. Be a little more responsible, and switch over to the low-VOC printing inks, which are available in the markets.
  • Is the recycled paper free of chlorine bleaching? – There are certain varieties of chlorine-bleached printing paper, which are degrading to the surroundings. Paper you use should have anti-chlorine seals/certifications/marks on them. Even if you are using new paper (instead of their recycled counterparts), this factor has to be taken under consideration.
  • Opt for electronic graphic designs, whenever possible – Email the designs instead of sending your clients the printed versions. Printed copies can be taken once a client finalizes any particular design.
  • Find out the average energy consumption level of your printer – With time, the efficiency levels of graphic printers or label printers can go down; resulting in it consuming more energy. Check the energy ratings of your printer at regular intervals. If you find that the energy consumption is rising steadily over time, it is probably time for repairing/replacing the graphic printer.

Use paper of low thickness levels, while printing graphic designs. Printing services, like most other industrial activities, result in the generation of waste products – and the same have to be disposed off in an eco-friendly manner. Graphic designing should not come in the way of your considerations for the environment – you only need to follow the ‘green’ tips mentioned above.

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